Sex Addiction Therapy For Spouses

Sex Addiction Therapy For Spouses

happy-couple-david-castillo-dominiciWorking with Spouses of sex addicts is a key component of addiction treatment and one of my areas of expertise.

I believe spouses of sex addicts go through intense grief, stress and disbelief. Spouses of sex addicts suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I help spouses to:

  • Feel supported and not feel so alone
  • Talk about their feelings of betrayal and shame
  • Reduce the probability of being re-traumatized
  • Begin the healing process from their sexually addicted spouse

Sometimes treatment looks like reconciliation, co-habitation, separation and/or divorce. I help spouses get to their core beliefs about what the sex addiction means to them and if they can truly commit to the process of figuring it out.

My goal is to help the spouses reduce guilt or shame, help them decide who they need to tell in the family, and determine which direction they may want to take if they have children. I offer support, group therapy and referral to community services.

An additional goal for this group is to help spouses realize that regardless of who the sex addict was married to, the sex addict would still be a sex addict.


As a certified sex addiction therapist, I help people understand addiction as a disease rather than a moral issue.   I help the addict see that they didn’t choose to become an addict, that addiction is like any other disease.  I educate about sex addiction and multiple addictions.  I treat both the addicted and the spouses, families and friends of the addicted, and treat both from a place of complete empathy, compassion and non-judgement.